Arbor International Antiques & Interior Design Show • Round Top, TX

On The Crush List because…

They have free parking, swanky potty trailers, refreshing cucumber-infused water, live music, and best of all, first rate dealers.

 Arbor Field |Round Top TX

Today I’m updating one of my very first and very favorite crushes, the beloved Antique Show venue commonly referred to as “Arbor” or “Arbors” or “The Arbors” or “Arbor Field” or “The Pretty Field with the White Tents and Pandora, You Know The One”.  The official name is really best though. It’s at the top of this post and rightly includes the words International and Interior Design

I’ve taken so many photos at Arbor over the years. The ones I’ve posted here are not necessarily of current or even recent items available. I chose them because together I think they express Arbor’s unique vibe of softness|sophistication|luxuriousness|authenticity. Walking through the tents here never fails to calm me down – and not just because I often start my visit with a complimentary hand massage at Pandora’s sweet-smelling, air-conditioned space!

Pandora Luxury | Round Top Antiques

There’s a bit of everything here  – it’s a big venue – but Arbor is where I’m sure to send people who’ve asked me where to find a few specific things: bedding, fine art, rugs, garden/outdoor and furniture for real life.

The people behind Arbor have also been real pioneers in the development of the experiential side of the Show. So if you’re smart enough to be in Round Top for shopping and the special events like live music and food trucks and jewelry pop-ups and after hours nights and celebrity shoppers and book signings, I’d send you here for all that too. Have fun y’all!


Dear Crush List: Antiques Show Q&A

On The Crush List because…

Maybe you’re wondering too.

**Please Note!: This post is over a year old. Many of the answers are incomplete or just plain wrong because vendors have moved or things have otherwise changed. I’m leaving it up because there’s still some general info that might be useful – but trust it at your own risk. And as always, feel free to email me with questions of your own at Enjoy the show!!

Recoop Table

It’s showtime and on cue my The Crush List mailbox has been filling up with reader questions asking all kinds of things about how and where and when to shop. I’m sharing a few Q’s and their A’s below and throwing in an assortment of photos from my files for visual flair. If I’m lucky, a bunch of you will be inspired by this post to click CONTACT ME with questions of your own.


“My Question: Where can I find vintage fabric esp. chenille and flour sacks.”


La Bahia Plaids

Vintage Laundry Crochet

Nice and to the point.  Here’s my (just as nice I think but) definitely more meandering reply.

Hi! I think your best bet for fabrics is Warrenton.You can find sources all over, but I’d start there. Ask around for where the grain sack booth is. There are also few spots I can think of with huge tables piled with vintage linens/quilts/etc. One is at Vintage Laundry at Texas Rose field, one is at the back of Bar W Field and one is in the old Sterling McCall building in Warrenton, next to the Chicken Ranch. Also, LaBahia has a nice high end vintage fabric dealer inside. Hope those help! Good luck!


I appreciated all of the info you shared on your blog about coming to Round Top! So for a first timer, coming the week of March 21st-25th, would that be a good idea? I have had a hard time finding a place to stay the week of the 28th and thought if we came the week before it may be a better idea and less crowds. Do you think there will still be plenty set out for us to see the earlier week?

Warrenton Cart 2

County Line Wide

ExCess Twoo Bench

Nomad Exterior


I have a real soft spot for the first timer. That’s my excuse for this overanswer. It came from my soft spot.

Thank you so much for reading The Crush List.

Yes, yes! The 21-25 are perfect days to be at the show. Here’s the link to the most comprehensive show date calendar:

As you can see, you’ll have plenty to see. I’d do one day Mon or Tues at Blue Hills/Chelsea’s Meadow/McLaren/Texas Rose and then the other at Clutter/Excess/The Fields(meaning Bar W, North Gate/Tin Star). But feel free to write your own script :).

Pretty much everything will open up Wednesday. Heads up though, you may find some of the venues that say they’ll open Wednesday will have dealers up and selling before that (Arbors for example). You won’t be around for Marburger, but that’s OK. It’s like the biggest best antique mall you ever went to, and you can plan to see it next time.

Food-wise, be sure to hunt down the Texas Pizza Wagon, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a quiet time out. It’s just down 954 behind Excess a bit.

I’m doing marketing for Prost wine bar in downtown Round Top so I’ll say stop in there for sure, although I’d say it anyway because it’s truly very nice and a hub of the action. Los Patrones in downtown RT is a great spot to see Rachel Ashwell eating enchiladas or just to feel in the middle of things. The raspberry iced tea at Pie Haven in Henkel Square can be a lifesaver, as can a frozen lemonade from the various Warrenton fields. And if you pick up food to go, pull into the grounds of Festival Hill and have a picnic. It’s open to the public 24/7 and such a magical place.

I think I’m starting to sound like a crazy cat lady, so I’ll stop with the random tips! Hope you have a fantastic visit and I’m always thrilled to get updates on how your trip is going and questions as you go.


My Question: What is the best route from Houston? We are going March 24-27 and want to know the best shows since we are building a reclaimed wood and stone farmhouse with industrial elements to it. Is Marburger farms open at that time? Can you suggest where we look for some rather large pieces?


Bizzell Stools

This reader included a photos of great pieces she already has, plus a couple of things she’s hoping to find. Here’s my answer, followed by the pics of what she’s looking for, in case you see them. Email me and I’ll email her.

Hi! Thanks for writing — I’ll do my best to answer your questions. First the easy one. The Marburger Farm venue doesn’t open until Tuesday, March 29. But no worries, there will be more than you ever dreamed of seeing open for business on the 24-27 dates.

I think most people take 290 from Houston and then turn south on 237. If you’re starting from the south or west ends of town you may prefer I-10 to 71 to 153. Someone from Houston mentioned just the other day how much time they saved using the Grand Parkway toll road, so if that seems useful it sounded like a smart route.

Where to shop for light industrial! I’d suggest you stop at Blue Hills, especially ReCoop Designs and Loblolly next to the BBQ deck for pulley lights. ExCess and ExcCess Two across the street will have amazing things – Ken Bizzell and Demir at Nomadic Trading are favorites, but it’s all good. Try The Compound venue, especially  for Old World Antieks, Eneby, ReWorks and Pascal. The Arbor venue has some vendors you may like – a Restoration Hardware lookalike vendor, good rugs, good fine art. McLarens has soooo much inventory, so if you see the Red British Phone Booth pull in!

All of the above are great for quality and lots of selection. If you want bargains, North Gate and Bar W fields may have better prices. I think the vendors at the southernmost end of Warrenton in theTreeHouse Park area have good deals too.

You’ll no doubt discover your own favorites and others I’m forgetting. Please write again if I can help in any way. Enjoy — and let me know how it goes if you get a chance!   



Hello, I just joined your blog    I Love Roundtop the town and the surrounding area    I visit as often as I can.  Of course I am going to go to the Antiques market as I always do but I really want to try new places   I am so glad I found your crush list.  I would really appreciate a map or directions so that I may find them easier.     Thanks so much.

Warrenton Roundup

I loved all the love for the blog, but this question stings a bit since it points out that my posts aren’t always that good at offering useful information. You know what I mean. I get sidetracked way out of the way and as I’ve confessed before, I sometimes even make things up.

Thanks so much for reading The Crush List!

I try to give a general sense of where my crushes are, and there is usually a link at the top of each post to their website/FB page, etc., but I will definitely take your suggestion and try to give better directions or mark them on a map somehow.

There are two publications putting out maps for every show. Round Top Register’s is more general and Show Daily’s is super comprehensive. The Show Daily will be available all over the RT area, especially at places like restaurants and major venues. There’s a link to the new Show Daily issue via online reader, and the maps are there, but I find the actual printed magazine much easier to use.

Enjoy the show this year!

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